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MISR Integrating Sphere

MISR Integrating Sphere

The main page you just left tells about the calibration of MISR while it is in orbit around Earth. MISR must also undergo calibration before launch, while it is still on the ground.

This photograph shows one of the key tools used during this prelaunch calibration, the integrating sphere. The sphere used for MISR is 65 inches diameter, and contains 25 light bulbs that can be turned on in various combinations to achieve different illumination levels. The reason for the spherical construction is that it results in highly uniform lighting across the sphere's rectangular aperture (visible in the photograph), large enough for the MISR sensors' 30-degree field of view. During the calibration process, one camera views the sphere at a time. The camera sits inside a vacuum chamber to simulate space, and views the sphere's aperture through a window in the chamber.

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