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Steamboat Springs
March 8, 2001

AirMISR overflew Steamboat Springs, Colorado today, at latitude 40.3992, longitude -106.8110. The experiment objective was to acquire snow and ice validation data. This was the last day of a six week campaign, and only the second cloud-free day. Because of the cloudy conditions, no MISR imagery were acquired during the campaign. JPL field data were acquired on this day, as well as one previous Saturday. With the AirMISR and field data, the experiment was considered a success.

AirMISR nadir images

These images were constructed from raw AirMISR data, and represent our first look at these data. Geo-located and co-registered data will be made available in about two weeks time. Click on the thumb-nail images below to see an enlarged JPEG image, each about 150 KB in size.

run1 run2 run3 run4
Run 1 - Ferry flight, Nevada/
Arizona border
Run 2 - N/S transect along
Terra path
Run 3 - N/S into the Sun Run 4 - E/W perpendicular to the
run5 map nav nav
Run 5 - S/N transect along
Terra path
Target location
Navigation data, including Run 1
Navigation data, target site

AirMISR Instrument Flight Report

Sortie No.:01-047
Date:March 8, 2001
Takeoff (UTC):16:10
Landing (UTC):21:15
Airfield:Edwards AFB, CA (Dryden)
Flt Req #:02043 (Anne Nolin)
Objective:Steamboat Springs, CO (snow/ice albedo)
Other sensors:MAS, RC-10, VIS file:2.0_2.0
Camera runs:5, as follows (times are approximate)
   1) 16:41 to 16:53operational check en-route, over Colorado river
   2) 17:52 to 18:04 N-S along Terra track - 193.8 deg azimuth
   3) 18:21 to 18:33N-S, to sun
   4) 18:46 to 18:58 E-W, perpendicular to sun line. Sun azimuth was 159.5 degrees.
   5) 19:05 to 10:17S-N, back along Terra track
Ramp runs:none performed

Pilot notes: Target was clear on all lines. Scattered cumulus on ridges surrounding site, and fog in Yampa valley to west of target. Light turbulence (pitching) on first two lines. Ground speed on lines varied due to winds aloft: 406, 430, 384, 414 knots respectively. Other obs: Instrument made all angles on all lines. Preliminary images look nominal. Ground team (MCH) was in place. No Terra overpass today. VIS and MAS also appears to have worked properly.

Recorded by: A. Cartledge

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Update: March 9, 2001