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Poli, Daniela, (2003). Georeferencing of MOMS-02 and MISR stereoimages with strict sensor model. ISPRS Workshop "High resolution mapping from space 2003", October 2003, Hannover, Germany.

This paper presents a general sensor model for the georeferencing of imagery from CCD linear array sensors with along-track stereo viewing. The model is based on the classical collinearity equations extended and adapted to the specific characteristics of the acquisition of CCD linear scanners. It can be applied to single-lens and multi-lens sensors. In case of multi-lens optical systems, additional parameters are introduced in the basic single-lens model to describe the relative orientation of each lens with respect to the central one. As the sensor external orientation concerns, the position and attitude, which are different for each image line, are modeled with 2nd order piecewise polynomials depending on acquisition time, with constraints on the continuity of the functions and their first and second derivatives between adjacent segments. Additional pseudo-observations allow the modeling of the sensor position and attitude with 2nd or 1st order functions, according to the case study characteristics. A self-calibration has also been developed for the modeling of radial and decentering lens distortions, principal point(s) displacement, focal length(s) variation and CCD line(s) rotation in the focal plane. Using well-distributed GCPs and, additionally, Tie Points (TPs), the external orientation and self-calibration parameters, together with the TPs ground coordinates, are estimated in a least-square adjustment. The calculations are performed in geocentric Cartesian system, geographic systems or local tangent systems. In this paper the results obtained by applying the model on MOMS-02 and MISR (Multi Imaging SpectroRadiometer) are presented and discussed.

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Updated: 14-Sept-2004