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Stein, D.C., Swap, R.J., Richardson, D.L., Piketh, S.J., and Macko, S.A. (2003). In-situ aircraft and remotely sensed observations of pyrogenic plumes over southern Africa biomass burning regions during SAFARI 2000. Eos Trans. AGU, 84(46), Fall Meet. Suppl. 2003, Abstract # A22C-1087

As a part of the SAFARI 2000 validation effort, a series of research flights were coordinated with Terra and TOMS satellite overpasses. Many flights were conducted in regions profoundly affected by biomass burning plumes. This paper explores the relationship between remotely sensed aerosol products from Terra and in-situ aircraft observations made within these pyrogenically impacted areas. In-situ aircraft point data were scaled up to the size of MODIS data pixels. Several correlations were found between aircraft measurements of trace gases and aerosols and the MODIS derived aerosol measurements. Results of comparisons with MISR and TOMS data are also presented. Column averages obtained during aircraft vertical profiles as well as averages stratified by altitude are presented and illustrate the importance of understanding the vertical structure of the atmosphere for proper data interpretation. As a result, the in-situ aircraft measurements and the remotely-sensed data are linked to meteorological parameters including the location of absolutely stable layers and synoptic conditions in an effort to better understand atmospheric controls on these plumes. Overall these comparisons provide a more robust understanding of column aerosol measurements and the factors that control the vertical distribution of pyrogenic products.

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