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Trishchenko, A.P., Luo, Y., Khlopenkov, K., and Li, Z. (2003). Spectral and Angular Surface Albedo Properties Over the ARM Southern Great Plains Area During Spring 2003 IOP From Combined Ground and Spaceborne MODIS, MISR and Landsat Observations. Eos Trans. AGU, 84(46), Fall Meet. Suppl. 2003, Abstract # B22E-05

Information about surface albedo is required as surface boundary condition for radiative transfer modeling, aerosol retrievals, atmospheric dynamics and cloud simulations. Ground observations also provide ground truth radiation measurements for validation and intercomparison with airborne and satellite data. We present our approach and results for characterization of surface albedo spectral and angular properties during the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (ARM) Spring 2003 Aerosol Intensive Observation Period (IOP) using ground-based and spaceborne combined observations. The results are presented for the ARM Southern Great Plains (SGP) study area. We conducted multiple ground spectral measurements at various locations over typical surface types in the area under mid-May conditions. The results of ground survey of landcover type distribution and Landsat ETM scene were utilized to generate the landcover map at high spatial resolution. The dominating surface types in the area during mid-May were ripening wheat (65 percent) followed by grassland/pasture (25 percent). Satellite MISR and MODIS data over the area were processed together with ground measurements collected with narrow-field-of-view probe to analyze surface anisotropic properties. Impact of the improved surface characterization on radiative transfer is assessed. This research was supported by the US Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program under grant No. DE-FG02-02ER63351.

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