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Verstraete, M M, Pinty, B, and Diner, D J. (2002). Using MISR/Terra Products to Support Regional Climate Modeling. Eos Trans. AGU, 83(47), Fall Meet. Suppl. 2002, Abstract # A72B-0176

The MISR instrument on NASA's Terra platform routinely acquires spectro-directional measurements of the solar radiation reflected by the planet. These measurements, obtained at a spatial resolution of up to 275 m, provide a unique opportunity to improve regional climate models and forecasts, by delivering reliable and accurate descriptions of the observed geophysical environments. These can be used either to initialize surface, cloud and aerosol fields, or to evaluate RCM simulations. Examples of products delivered from MISR and currently available operationally will be exhibited.

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Updated: 14-Jan-2005