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Jia Zong (2002). Multi-Image Tie-Point Detection Applied to Multi-angle Imagery from MISR. ISPRS Commission III, Symposium 2002, September 9 - 13, 2002, Graz, Austria.

An automatic tie-point (TP) detection algorithm for multi-image triangulation and registration is described. The algorithm uses a hierarchical approach that leads from the initial extraction of local image patches to the final TP detection on multiple imagery. The distribution of the TP detection is automatically adjusted to meet the needs of the triangulation or registration. Candidate point features are extracted based on the information of local image space only. A relational-based matching scheme using consistent labelling is designed for matching conjugate point features over multiple imagery. The final TPs are refined using the traditional area-based matching. The algorithm was applied successfully to the in-flight georectification of global imagery from the nine pushbroom cameras of the Multiangle
Imaging SpectroRadiometor (MISR) instrument. TP match is accurate at 0.2 pixels and is closely successful on all cameras regardless a diverse range of geometric and radiometric distortions. The software was initially tested with simulated MISR data resampled from LandSat imagery and later applied to the production operation of the MISR in-flight georectification. The software was also applied to airborn MISR imagery. The results indicated the system could be adaptive to and effective on TP matching of space-born as well small scale air-born imagery.

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