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Chen, X., J. Wang, X. Xu, M. Zhou, H. Zhang, L. C. Garcia, P. R. Colarco, S. J. Janz, J. Yorks, M. McGill, J. S. Reid, M. De Graaf, and S. Kondragunta
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The Influence of Fire Aerosols on Surface Climate and Gross Primary Production in the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM).”

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Improving WRF-Chem meteorological analyses and forecasts over aerosol polluted regions by incorporating NAAPS aerosol analyses

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Regional interaction of lung cancer incidence influenced by PM2.5 in China

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Long term trend in aerosol direct radiative effects over Indian Ocean region from multi- satellite observations

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A long-term analysis of atmospheric black carbon MERRA-2 concentration over China during 1980–2019

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Introducing the MISR level 2 near real-time aerosol product

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Gorkavyi, N., S. Carn, M. DeLand, Y. Knyazikhin, N. Krotkov, A. Marshak, R. Myeni, and A. Vasilkov
Earth Imaging From the Surface of the Moon With a DSCOVR/EPIC-Type Camera

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Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 13 (9): e2021MS002584.

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A correlational study on size differentiated aerosols on monsoonal and pre-monsoonal cloud properties over the Indo Gangetic Basin

Atmospheric Research 262: 105796

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Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 62 (10): 7

Chen, Q.-X., X.-L. Han, Y. Gu, Y. Yuan, J. Jiang, K.-N. Liou, and H.-P. Tan
Evaluation of MODIS, MISR, and VIIRS daily level-3 aerosol optical depth products over land

Atmospheric Research 265: 105810.

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Influence of observation angle change on satellite retrieval of aerosol optical depth

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The Significant Contribution of Small-Sized and Spherical Aerosol Particles to the Decreasing Trend in Total Aerosol Optical Depth over Land from 2003 to 2018
Bherwani, H., S. Kumar, K. Musugu, M. Nair, S. Gautam, A. Gupta, C.-H. Ho, A. Anshul, and R. Kumar
Assessment and valuation of health impacts of fine particulate matter during COVID-19 lockdown: a comprehensive study of tropical and sub tropical countries

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28: 44522–44537

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Geoscientific Model Development, 15(1): 199-218.

Tosca, M. G., A. Galvin, I. Gilbert, K. L. Walls II, G. E. Tyler, and Nastan, A. M.
Reimagining futures: Collaborations between artists, designers, and scientists as a roadmap to help solve the climate crisis

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Optical Property Model for Cirrus Clouds Based on Airborne Multi-Angle Polarization Observations

Remote Sensing 13 (14): 2754

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Satellite Remote Sensing for Estimating PM2.5 and Its Components

Current Pollution Reports 7: 72–87

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Chen, S.-H., C.-C. Huang, Y.-C. Kuo, Y.-H. Tseng, Y. Gu, K. Earl, C.-Y. Chen, Y. Choi, and K.-N. Liou
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (4): e2020JD033586

McKeon, T.P., W.-T. Hwang, Z. Ding, V. Tam, P. Wileyto, K. Glanz, and T.M. Penning
Environmental exposomics and lung cancer risk assessment in the Philadelphia metropolitan area using ZIP code–level hazard indices

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28: 31758–31769

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Global wildfire plume‐rise dataset and parameterizations for climate model applications

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (6): e2020JD033085

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Atmospheric Environment 254: 118348

Huang, C., J. Li, W. Sun, Q. Chen, Q.-J. Mao, and Y. Yuan
Long-Term Variation Assessment of Aerosol Load and Dominant Types over Asia for Air Quality Studies Using Multi-Sources Aerosol Datasets

Remote Sensing, 13 (16): 3116.

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Radiative and cloud microphysical effects of the Saharan dust simulated by the WRF-Chem model

Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 219: 105646

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Braghiere, R. K., Y. Wang, R. Doughty, D. Souse, T. Magney, J.-L. Widlowski, M. Longa, A. A. Bloom, J. Worden, P. Gentine, and C. Frankenberg
Accounting for canopy structure improves hyperspectral radiative transfer and sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence representations in a new generation Earth System model

Remote Sensing of Environment 261: 112497

Shao, M., W. Wang, B. Yuan, D. D. Parrish, X. Li, K. Lu, L. Wu, X. Wang. Z. Mo, S. Yang, Y. Peng, Y/ Kuang, W. Chen M. Hu, L. Zeng, H. Su, Y. Cheng, J. Zheng, and Y. Zhang
Quantifying the role of PM2.5 dropping in variations of ground-level ozone: Inter-comparison between Beijing and Los Angeles

Science of The Total Environment 788: 147712

Zhang, C., W. R. Heinson, M. J. Garay, O. Kalashnikova, and R. K. Chakrabarty
Polarimetric Sensitivity of Light-Absorbing Carbonaceous Aerosols Over Ocean: A Theoretical Assessment

Radiative Transfer 272: 1407759

Che, X., H. K. Zhang, and J. Liu
Making Landsat 5, 7 and 8 reflectance consistent using MODIS nadir-BRDF adjusted reflectance as reference

Remote Sensing of Environment 262: 112517

Singh, P. and S. Dey
Crop Burning and Forest Fires: Long-term Effect on Adolescent Height in India

Resource and Energy Economics 65: 101244

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Temporal evolution of aerosols and their extreme events in polluted Asian regions during Terra's 20-year observations

Remote Sensing of Environment 263 112541

Huang, T., F. Xu, L. Gao, C. J. Flynn, and O. Dubovik
A Correlation-based Inversion Method for Aerosol Property (CIMAP) Retrieval from AERONET Measurements

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 272: 107808

Liang, Z., W. Wang, Y. Wang, L. Ma, C. Liang, P. Li, C. Yang, F. Wei, S. Li, and L. Zhang
Urbanization, ambient air pollution, and prevalence of chronic kidney disease: A nationwide cross-sectional study

Environmental International 156: 106752

Makar, P. A., A. Akingunola, J. Chen, B. Pabla, W. Gong, C. Stroud, C. Sioris, K. Anderson, P. Cheung, J. Zhang, and J. Milbrandt
Forest-fire aerosol–weather feedbacks over western North America using a high-resolution, online coupled air-quality model

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (13): 10557-10587

Brakhasi, f., M. Hajeb, T. Mielonen, A. Matkan, and J. Verbesselt
Investigating aerosol vertical distribution using CALIPSO time series over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe, and India: A BFAST-based gradual and abrupt change detection

Remote Sensing of Environment 264: 112619

Dou, C., Z. Ji, Y. Xiao, Z. Hu, X. Zhu, and W. Dong
Projection of Air Pollution in Northern China in the Two RCPs Scenarios

Remote Sensing 13 (16): 3064.

Angal, A., C. Bruegge, X. Xiong, and A. Wu
Intercalibration of the reflective solar bands of MODIS and MISR instruments on the Terra platform

Proceedings Volume 11829, Earth Observing Systems XXVI 118291B

Tao, A., Q. Liang, P. Kuai, and T. Ding
The Influence of Urban Sprawl on Air Pollution and the Mediating Effect of Vehicle Ownership

Processes 9 (8): 1261

Gkikas, A., E. Proestakis, V. Amiridis, S. Kazadzis, E. Di Tomaso, E. Marinou, N. Hatzianastassiou, J. F. Kok, and C. P. Garcia-Pando
Quantification of the dust optical depth across spatiotemporal scales with the MIDAS global dataset (2003–2017)

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(5): 3553–3578.

Rhew, S. H., J. Kravchenko, H. K. Lyerly
Exposure to low-dose ambient fine particulate matter PM2.5 and Alzheimer's disease, non-Alzheimer's dementia, and Parkinson's disease in North Carolina

PLOS ONE 16 (7): e0253253

Yu, Y. and P. Ginoux
Assessing the contribution of the ENSO and MJO to Australian dust activity based on satellite- and ground-based observations

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (11), 8511–8530.

Checa-Garcia, R., Y. Balkanski, S. Albani, T. Bergman, K. Carslaw, A. Cozic, C. Dearden, . Marticorena, M. Michou, T. van Noije, P. Nabat, F. O’Connr, D. Olivie, J. M. Prospero, P. Le Sager, M. Schulz, and C. Scott
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21(13)

Marshak, A., A. Ackerman, A. Da Silva, T. Eck, B. Holben, R. Kahn, R. Kleidman, K. Knobelspiesse, R. Levy, A. Lyapustin, L. Oreopoulos, L. Remer, O. Torres, T. Varnai, G. Wen and J. Yorks
Aerosol properties in cloudy environments from remote sensing observations: a review of the current state of knowledge

Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society 102(11): E2177–E2197.

Allam, S. Z.
De-carbonized energy initiative with bio-cell-distributed stations using GIS geodesic tools towards circular economy

Energy & Environment 33(3).

Hammer, M. S., A. van Donkelaar, R. V. Martin, E. E. McDuffie, A. Lyapustin, A. M. Sayer, N. C. Hsu, R. C. Levy, M. J. Garay, O. V. Kalashnikova, and R. A. Kahn
Effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on fine particulate matter concentrations

Science Advances 7 (26): eabg7670

Fromm, M. D., G. P. Kablick, D. A. Peterson, R. A. Kahn, V. J. B. Flower and C. J. Seftor
Quantifying the Source Term and Uniqueness of the August 12, 2017 Pacific Northwest PyroCb Event

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (13): e2021JD034928.

Li, P., X. Guo, J. Jing, W. Hu, W.-Q. Wei, X. Qi, and G, Zhuang
The Lag Effect of Long-Term Exposure to PM2.5 on Esophageal Cancer in Urban-Rural Areas Across China

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29: 4390–4400.

Shevchenko, I., J. P. Engelbrecht, S. Mostamandi, and G. Stenchikov
Evaluation of minerals being deposited in the Red Sea using gravimetric, size distribution, and mineralogical analysis of dust deposition samples collected along the Red Sea coastal plain

Aeolian Research 52: 100717

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Significant underestimation of radiative forcing by aerosol–cloud interactions derived from satellite-based methods

Nature Communications 12: 3649

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Role of land surface parameter change in dust emission and impacts of dust on climate in Southwest Asia

Natural Hazards 109: 111-132.

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City image and eco-efficiency: evidence from China

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28: 52459–52474.

Mitra, A., L. Di Girolamo, Y. Hong, Y. Zhan, and K. J. Mueller
Assessment and Error Analysis of Terra-MODIS and MISR Cloud-Top Heights Through Comparison With ISS-CATS Lidar

Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (9): e2020JD034281

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Analysis of improvements in MOPITT observational coverage over Canada

Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 15(3): 701–719.

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Direct estimates of biomass burning NOx emissions and lifetime using daily observations from TROPOMI

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21(20): 15569-15587.

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Investigating the relationship of aerosols with enhanced vegetation index and meteorological parameters over Pakistan

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Review of satellite-driven statistical models concentration estimation with comprehensive information

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Science of The Total Environment 787: 147543

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Aerosols optical depth and Ångström exponent over different regions in Garhwal Himalaya, India

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 193: 324

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Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 14 (5): 3233–3252

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The Mediating Effect of Air Pollution in the Impacts of Urban Form on Nighttime Urban Heat Island Intensity

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Improving the understanding between climate variability and observed extremes of global NO2 over the past 15 years

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Long-term PM2.5 exposure and survival among cardiovascular disease patients in Beijing, China

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