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Yun, G. and S. Zhao
The imprint of urbanization on PM2.5 concentrations in China: The urban-rural gradient study

Sustainable Cities and Society 86: 104103.

Xian, P., J. Zhang, N. T. O’Neill, J. S. Reid, T. D. Toth, B. Sorenson, E. J. Hyer, J. R. Campbell and K. Ranjbar
Arctic spring and summertime aerosol optical depth baseline from long-term observations and model reanalyses – Part 2: Statistics of extreme AOD events, and implications for the impact of regional biomass burning processes

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(15): 9949-9967.

Xian, P., J. Zhang, N. T. O’Neill, T. D. Toth, B. Sorenson, P. R. Colarco, Z. Kipling, E. J. Hyer, J. R. Campbell, J. S. Reid and K. Ranjbar
Arctic spring and summertime aerosol optical depth baseline from long-term observations and model reanalyses – Part 1: Climatology and trend

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(15): 9915–9947.

Zhu, H., T. Cheng, X. Li, and X. Ye
Comparison and evaluation of multiple satellite aerosol products over China in different scenarios under a unified criterion: Preparation for consistent and high-quality dataset construction

Atmospheric Research 279: 106374.

Wilmot, T. Y., D. V. Mallia, A. G. Hallar and J. C. Lin
Wildfire plumes in the Western US are reaching greater heights and injecting more aerosols aloft as wildfire activity intensifies

Scientific Reports 12: 12400.

Clarke, K., K. Ash, E. S. Coker, T. Sabo-Attwood, and E. Bainomugisha
A Social Vulnerability Index for Air Pollution and Its Spatially Varying Relationship to PM2. 5 in Uganda
Bourbeau, J., D. Doiron, S. Biswas, B. M. Smith, A. Benedetti, J. R. Brook, S. D. Aaron, K. R. Chapman. P. Hernandez, F. Maltais, D. D. Marcinuik, D. O’Donnell, D. D. sin, B. Walker, L. Dsilva, G. Nadeau, V. Coats, C. Compton, B. E. Miller, and W. C. Tan
Ambient Air Pollution and Dysanapsis: Associations with Lung Function and COPD in the CanCOLD Study

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care 206(1).

Wensu, Z., W. Wenjuan, Z. Fenfen, C. Wen, and L. Li
The effects of greenness exposure on hypertension incidence among Chinese oldest-old: a prospective cohort study

Environmental Health 21(66).

Hein, L., J. V. Spadaro, B. Ostro, M. Hammer, E. Sumarga, R. Salmayenti, R. Boer, H. Tata, Atmoko, D., and J.-P. Castañeda
The health impacts of Indonesian peatland fires

Environmental Health 21(62).

Lee, J. N. and D. L. Wu
Non-Gaussian Distributions of TOA SW Flux as Observed by MISR and CERES

JGR Atmospheres 127(14): e2022JD036636.

Zhang, L., J. P. Wilson, N. Zhao, W. Zhang, and Y. Wu
The dynamics of cardiovascular and respiratory deaths attributed to long-term PM2.5 exposures in global megacities

Science of The Total Environment 842: 156951.

Zeng, Z., X. Xu, Q. Wang, Z. Zhang, P. Meng, and X. Huo
Maternal exposure to atmospheric PM2.5 and fetal brain development: Associations with BAI1 methylation and thyroid hormones

Environmental Pollution 308: 119665.

Wang, Z., J. Chen, C. Zhou, S. Wang, and M. Li
The Impacts of Urban Form on PM2.5 Concentrations: A Regional Analysis of Cities in China from 2000 to 2015
Liu, H., J. Gu, Z. Huang, Z. Han, J. Xin, L, Yuan, M. Du, H. Chu, M. Wang, and Z. Zhang
Fine Particulate Matter Induces METTL3-mediated m6A Modification of BIRC5 mRNA in Bladder Cancer

Journal of Hazardous Materials 437: 129310.

Jia, H., J. Quaas. E. Gryspeerdt, C. Böhm, and O. Sourdeval
Addressing the difficulties in quantifying droplet number response to aerosol from satellite observations

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(11): 7353-7372.

Wang, Z., R. Li, Z. Chen, Q. Yao, B. Gao, M. Xu, L. Yang, M. Li, and C. Zhou
The estimation of hourly PM2.5 concentrations across China based on a Spatial and Temporal Weighted Continuous Deep Neural Network (STWC-DNN)

ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 190: 38-55.

Fadnavis, S., P. Chavan, A. Joshi, S. M. Sonbawne, A. Acharya, P. C. S. Devara, A. Rap, F. Ploeger and R. Müller
Tropospheric warming over the northern Indian Ocean caused by South Asian anthropogenic aerosols: possible impact on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(11): 7179-7191.

Soubry, I. and X. Guo
Quantifying Woody Plant Encroachment in Grasslands: A Review on Remote Sensing Approaches

Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 48(3).

Chen, S., X. Lu, C. P. Nielsen, G. Geng, K, He, M. B. McElroy, S. Wang, and J Hao
Improved air quality in China can enhance solar-power performance and accelerate carbon-neutrality targets
Dube, A., A. K. Maurya, T. Dharmaraj, and R. Singh
First study of cloud to ground lightning discharges using ground-based observations over Indian subcontinent and its possible relationship with carbon dioxide and aerosols

Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 233-234: 105890.

Jin, Y., Z. Hao, H. Huang, T. Wang, Z. Mao, and D. Pan
Evaluation of LaSRC aerosol optical depth from Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao greater bay area, China

Atmospheric Environment 280: 119218.

Cheng, Y., T. Dai, J. Cao, and G. Shi
A Review of Data Assimilation on Aerosol Optical, Radiative, and Climatic Effects Study

Aerosol Science and Engineering 6: 146–154.

Deng, M., R. M. Volkamer, Z. Wang, J. R. Snider, N. Kille and L. J. Romero-Alvarez
Wildfire Smoke Observations in the Western United States from the Airborne Wyoming Cloud Lidar during the BB-FLUX Project. Part II: Vertical Structure and Plume Injection Height

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 39(5): 559-572.

Deng, M., Z. Wang, R. Volkamer, J. R. Snider, L. Oolman, D. M. Plummer, N. Kille, K. J. Zarzana, C. F. Lee, T. Campos, N. R. Mahon, B. Glove, M. D. Burkhart and A. Morgan
Wildfire Smoke Observations in the Western United States from the Airborne Wyoming Cloud Lidar during the BB-FLUX Project. Part I: Data Description and Methodology

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 39(5): 545-558.

Dong, Z., C. Xia, K. Fang, and W. Zhang
Effect of the carbon emissions trading policy on the co-benefits of carbon emissions reduction and air pollution control
Yue, J., S. D. Miller, W. Straka, Y. J. Noh, M. Y. Chou, R. Kahn, and V. Flower
La Soufriere volcanic eruptions launched gravity waves into Space

Geophysical Research Letters, 49(8): e2022GL097952.

Chopping, M.. Z. Wang, C. Schaaf, M. A. Bull, and R. R. Duchesne
Forest aboveground biomass in the southwestern United States from a MISR multi-angle index, 2000–2015

Remote Sensing of Environment 275: 112964.

Wei, L., Z. Lu, Y. Wang, X. Liu, W. Wang, C. Wu, X. Zhao, S. Rahimi, W. Xia, and Y. Jiang
Black carbon-climate interactions regulate dust burdens over India revealed during COVID-19

Nature Communications 13: 1839.

Guo, H., Li, W., Wu, J., and Ho H. C.
Does air pollution contribute to urban–rural disparity in male lung cancer diseases in China?

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29: 23905-23918.

Hui Hui, F., D. Ying, Z. Bin, C. J. Blake, Y. Shuchao, Y. Zhuolin, Q. Kai. L. Lei and G. Xianodong
Vegetation-related dry deposition of global PM2.5 from satellite observations

Journal of Geographical Sciences 32: 589–604.

Doicu, A., A. Doicu, D. Efremenko and T. Trautmann
Cloud tomographic retrieval algorithms. II: Adjoint method

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 285: 108177.

Ye, Z., X. Li, Y. Han, Y. Wu, and Y. Fang
Association of long-term exposure to PM2.5 with hypertension and diabetes among the middle-aged and elderly people in Chinese mainland: a spatial study
Wang, F., S. Yao, H. Luo, and B. Huang
Estimating High-Resolution PM2.5 Concentrations by Fusing Satellite AOD and Smartphone Photographs Using a Convolutional Neural Network and Ensemble Learning

Remote Sensing 14(6): 1515.

Che, Y., B. Yu, K. Parsons, C. Desha, and M. Ramezani
Evaluation and comparison of MERRA-2 AOD and DAOD with MODIS DeepBlue and AERONET data in Australia

Atmospheric Environment 277: 119054.

Huang, S., Y. Ding and P. Failler
Does the Government’s Environmental Attention Affect Ambient Pollution? Empirical Research on Chinese Cities

Sustainability 14(6): 3242.

Guo, Y., N. Ng, P. Kowal, H. Lin, Y. Ruan, Y. Shi, and F. Wu
Frailty risk in older adults associated with long-term exposure to ambient PM2.5 in six middle-income countries

The Journals of Gerontology Biological Sciences Series: A 77(5): 970-976.

Wang, W., Q. Zhang, R. Zhao, J. Luo, and Y. Zhang
Smoke Injection Heights from Forest and Grassland Fires in Southwest China Observed by CALIPSO
Yu, P., R. Xu, S. Li, M. S. Z. S. Coelho, P. H. N. Salvida, M. R. Sim, M. J. Abramson, and Y. Guo
Associations between long-term exposure to PM2.5 and site-specific cancer mortality: A nationwide study in Brazil between 2010 and 2018

Environmental Pollution 302: 119070.

De Leeuw, G., C. Fan, Z. Li, J. Dong, Y. Li, Y. Ou and S. Zhu
Spatiotemporal variation and provincial scale differences of the AOD across China during 2000–2021

Atmospheric Pollution Research 13(4): 101359.

Kahn, R. A., Y. Liu and D. J. Diner
Space-Based Passive Aerosol Remote Sensing from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) aboard NASA’s Terra Satellite

Handbook of Air Quality and Climate Change in press.

Bai, K., K. Li, M. Ma, K. Li, Z. Li, J. Guo, N.-B. Chang, Z. Tan and D. Han
LGHAP: the Long-term Gap-free High-resolution Air Pollutant concentration dataset, derived via tensor-flow-based multimodal data fusion

Earth System Science Data 14(2): 907–927.

Kayiranga, A., B. Chen, F. Wang, W. Nthangeni, A. Dilawar, Y. Hategekimana, H. Zhang and L. Guo
Spatiotemporal Variation in Gross Primary Productivity and Their Responses to Climate in the Great Lakes Region of Sub-Saharan Africa during 2001–2020

Sustainability 14(5), 2610.

Ji, J. S., L. Liu, Y. Zeng, and L. L. Yan
Effect of FOXO3 and Air Pollution on Cognitive Function: A Longitudinal Cohort Study of Older Adults in China From 2000 to 2014

The Journals of Gerontology Biological Sciences Series: A XX(XX): 1–8 glac022.

Guo, H., X. Li, J. Wei, W Li, J. Wu and Y.
Smaller particular matter, larger risk of female lung cancer incidence? Evidence from 436 Chinese counties
Jiang, T., H. Zhang, Y. Yang, P. Ma, Y. Sun, Y. Zhuang
A non-motorized spectro-goniometric system to measure the bi-directional reflectance spectra of particulate surfaces in the visible and near-infrared

Review of Scientific Instruments 93(2): 024504.

Larson, P. S., L. Espira, B. E. Glenn, M. C. Larson, C. S. Crowe, S. Jang, and M. S. O’Neill
Long-Term PM2.5 Exposure Is Associated with Symptoms of Acute Respiratory Infections among Children under Five Years of Age in Kenya, 2014

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19(5): 2525.

Amnuaylojaroen, T., V. Surapipith and R. C. Macatangay
Projection of the Near-Future PM2.5 in Northern Peninsular Southeast Asia under RCP8.5
Pereira, G., K. M. Longo, S. R. Freitas, G. Mataveli, V. J. Oliveira, P. R. Santaos, L. F. Rodeigues, and F. S. Cardozo
Improving the south America wildfires smoke estimates: Integration of polar-orbiting and geostationary satellite fire products in the Brazilian biomass burning emission model (3BEM)

Atmospheric Environment 273: 118954.

Fang, Y. and L. Zhao
Assessing the environmental benefits of urban ventilation corridors: A case study in Hefei, China

Building and Environment 212: 108810.

Juliano, T. W., P. A. Jiminez, B. Kosovic, T. Eidhammer, G. Thompson, L. K. Berg, J. Fast, A. Motley, and A. Polidori
Smoke from 2020 United States wildfires responsible for substantial solar energy forecast errors

Environmental Research Letters 17(3).

Wang, W.-J., Q.-X. Zhang, and Y.-M. Zhang
Wildfire smoke injection heights in China based on multi-angle imaging spectroradiometer (MISR) observations

Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao 33(2): 537-543.

Mao, X., L. Wang, X. Pam, M. Zhang, X. Wu, and W. Zhang
A study on the dynamic spatial spillover effect of urban form on PM2.5 concentration at county scale in China

Atmospheric Research 269: 106046.

Gupta, G., M. V. Ratnam, B. L. Madhaven, and C. S. Narayanamurthy
Long-term trends in Aerosol Optical Depth obtained across the globe using multi-satellite measurements

Atmospheric Environment 273: 118953.

Suh, K.-S., B.-I. Min, B.-M. Yang, S. Kim, K. Park and J. Kim
Machine learning method using camera image patterns for predictions of particulate matter concentrations

Atmospheric Pollution Research 13(3): 101325.

Cristaldi, A. M. Fiore, G. O. Conti, E. Pulvirenti, C. Favara, A. Grasso, C. Copat, and M. Ferrante
Possible association between PM2.s and neurodegenerative diseases: A systematic review

Environmental Research 208: 112581.

Bilal, M., A. Mhawish, A. Ali, J. E. Nichol, G. de Leeuw, K. M. Khedher, U. Mazhar, Z. Qiu and M. P. Bleiweiss
Integration of Surface Reflectance and Aerosol Retrieval Algorithms for Multi-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals over Urban Areas

Remote Sensing 14(2): 373.

Vogel, A., G. Alessa, R. Scheele, L. Weber, O. Dubovik, P. North and S. Fiedler
Uncertainty in aerosol optical depth from modern aerosol-climate models, reanalyses, and satellite products

JGR: Atmospheres 127(2): e2021JD035483.

Southerland, V. A., M. Brauer, A. Mohegh, M. S. Hammer, A. van Donkelaar, R. V. Martin, J. S. Apte, and S. C. Anenberg
Global urban temporal trends in fine particulate matter (PM2·5) and attributable health burdens: estimates from global datasets

The Lancet Planetary Health 6(2): e139-e146.

Cristaldi, A., M. Fiore, G. O. Conti, E. Pulvirenti, C. Favara, A. Grasso, C. Copat, and M. Ferrante
Possible association between PM2.5 and neurodegenerative diseases: A systematic review

Environmental Research 208: 112581.

Wang, Z., C. Wang, S. Yang, Y. Lei, H. Che, X. Zhang, and Q. Wang
Evaluation of surface solar radiation trends over China since the 1960s in the CMIP6 models and potential impact of aerosol emissions

Atmospheric Research 268: 105991.

Zhao, M., T. Dai, H. Wang, Q. Bao, Y. Liu, H. Zhang, and G. Shi
Sensitivities of simulated global aerosol optical depth and aerosol-radiation interactions to different horizontal resolutions in CAS-FGOALS-f3.

Atmospheric Environment 271: 118920.

Wang, S., Z. Ren, X. Liu, and Q. Yin
Spatiotemporal trends of life expectancy, economic growth, and air pollution: A 134 countries investigation based on Bayesian modeling

Social Science & Medicine 293: 114660.

Guo, T., T. He, S. Liang, J.-L. Roujean, Y. Zhou, and X. Huang
Multi-decadal analysis of high-resolution albedo changes induced by urbanization over contrasted Chinese cities based on Landsat data

Remote Sensing of Environment 369: 112832.

Sharma, D. and D. Mauzerall
Analysis of Air Quality Data in India between 2015 and 2019

Aerosol and Air Quality Research 22(2).

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Long-term multidataset direct aerosol radiative forcing and its efficiencies: Intercomparisons and uncertainties

Atmospheric Research 267: 105964.

Ma, Z., S. Dey, S, Christopher, R. Liu, J. Bi, P. Balyan, and Y. Liu
A review of statistical methods used for developing large-scale and long-term PM2.5 models from satellite data

Remote Sensing of Environment 269: 112827.

Sun Y., Y. Knyazikhin, X. She, X. Ni, C. Chen, H. Ren, and R. B. Myneni
Seasonal and long-term variations in leaf area of Congolese rainforest

Remote Sensing of Environment 268: 112762.

Siregar, S., N. Idiawati, W.-C. Pan and K.-P. Yu
Association between satellite-based estimates of long-term PM2.5 exposure and cardiovascular disease: evidence from the Indonesian Family Life Survey.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29: 21156–21165.

Li, G., Z. Zhu, M. Hu, J. He, W. Yang, J. Zhu, H. Zhao, H. Zhang, and F. Huang
Effects of carbon dioxide and green space on sleep quality of the elderly in rural areas of Anhui Province, China

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29: 21107–21118.

Chen, B., Z. Song, B. Shi, and M. Li
An interpretable deep forest model for estimating hourly PM10 concentration in China using Himawari-8 data

Atmospheric Environment 268: 118827.

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Monthly Global Estimates of Fine Particulate Matter and Their Uncertainty

Environmental Science & Technology 55(22): 15287-15300.

He, Y., Y. Jiang, Y. Wang, Y. Yang, J. Xu, Y. Zhang, Q. Wang, H. Shen, Y. Zhang, D. Yan, Z. Peng, C. Liu, W. Wang, T. Schikowski, H. Li, B. Yan, J. Ji, A. Chen, A. van Donkelaar R. Martin, R. Chan, H. Kan, J. Cai, and X. Ma
Composition of fine particulate matter and risk of preterm birth: a nationwide birth cohort study in 336 Chinese cities.

Journal of Hazardous Materials 425: 127645.

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Influence of aerosol radiative effects on surface temperature and snow melt in the Himalayan region

Science of The Total Environment 810: 151299.

Gui, K., H. Che, Y. Wang, X. Xia, B. N. Holben, P. Goloub, and E. Cuevas-Agulló
A global-scale analysis of the MISR Level-3 aerosol optical depth (AOD) product: Comparison with multi-platform AOD data sources

Atmospheric Pollution Research, 12(12): 101238.

Szczepanik, D. M., I. S. Stachlewska, E. Tetoni, and D. Althausen
Properties of Saharan Dust versus Local Urban Dust – a case study

Earth and Space Science 8(12): e2021EA001816.

Wu, J., S. Zhang, Q. Yang, D. Zhao, W. Fan, J. Zhao, and C. Shen
Using particle swarm optimization to improve visibility-aerosol optical depth retrieval method

npj Climate and Atmospheric Science 4: 49.

Bora, K.
Air Pollution as a Determinant of Undernutrition Prevalence among Under-Five Children in India: An Exploratory Study

Journal of Tropical Pediatrics 67 (5): fmab089.

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Satellite evidence on the trade-offs of the food-water–air quality nexus over the breadbasket of India

Global Environmental Change 71: 102394.

McAlexander, T. P., S. S. A. De Silva, M. A. Meeker, D. L. Long and L. A. McClure
Evaluation of associations between estimates of particulate matter exposure and new onset type 2 diabetes in the REGARDS cohort

Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology in press.

Gui, K. H. Che, Y. Zheng, H. Zhao, W. Yao, L. Li, L. Zhang, H. Wang, Y. Wang, and X. Zhang
Three-dimensional climatology, trends, and meteorological drivers of global and regional tropospheric type-dependent aerosols: insights from 13 years (2007–2019) of CALIOP observations

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (19): 15309-15336.

Tao, M., L. Chen, J. Wang, L. Wang, W. Wang, C. Lin, L. Gui, L. Wang, and Y. Wang
Characterization of dust activation and their prevailing transport over East Asia based on multi-satellite observations

Atmospheric Research 265: 105886.

Chang, S.-H., M. Merzkani, H. Murad, M. Wang, B. Bowe, K. L. Lentine, Z. Al-Aly, and T. Alhamad
Association of Ambient Fine Particulate Matter Air Pollution With Kidney Transplant Outcomes
Qiang, W., Z. Lin, P. Zhu, K. Wu, and H. F. Lee
Shrinking cities, urban expansion, and air pollution in China: A spatial econometric analysis

Journal of Cleaner Production 324: 129308.

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The impacts of urban structure on PM2.5 pollution depend on city size and location

Environmental Pollution 292 (Part A): 118302.

Miller, J. G., E. L. Dennis, S. H.-N., B. Jo and I. H. Gotlib
Fine Particulate Air Pollution, Early Life Stress, and Their Interactive Effects on Adolescent Structural Brain Development: A Longitudinal Tensor-Based Morphometry Study

Cerebral Cortex: bhab346.

Kayiranga, A., B. Chen, L. Guo, S. Measho, H. Hirwa, S. Liu, J. Bofana, S. Sun, F. Wang, F. Karamage, V. Tuankrua, W. Nthangeni, A. Dilawar, H. Zhang and F. Ndayisaba
Spatiotemporal variations of forest ecohydrological characteristics in the Lancang-Mekong region during 1992-2016 and 2020-2099 under different climate scenarios

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 310: 108662.

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Health risk and disease burden attributable to long-term global fine-mode particles

Chemopshere 287 (Part 4): 132435.

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A global land aerosol fine-mode fraction dataset (2001–2020) retrieved from MODIS using hybrid physical and deep learning approaches

Earth System Science Data 14(3): 1193–1213.

Liang, Z., W. Wang, C. Yang, Y. Wang, J. Shen, P. Li, L. Ma, F. Wei, R. Chen, C. Liang, S. Li, and L. Zhang
Residential greenness and prevalence of chronic kidney disease: Findings from the China National Survey of Chronic Kidney Disease

Science of the Total Environment 806 (Part. 2): 150628.

Chavan, P., S. Fadnavis, T. Chakroborty, C. E. Sioris, S. Griessbach and R. Müller
The outflow of Asian biomass burning carbonaceous aerosol into the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere in spring: radiative effects seen in a global model

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (18): 14371-14384.

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Cloud tomographic retrieval algorithms. I: Surrogate minimization method.

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 277: 107954.

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Associations between ambient fine particulate (PM2.5) exposure and cardiovascular disease: findings from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS)

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29: 13114–13121.

Chau, K., M. Franklin, H. Lee, M. Garay and O. Kalashnikova
Temporal and Spatial Autocorrelation as Determinants of Regional AOD-PM2.5 Model Performance in the Middle East

Remote Sensing 13 (8): 3790.

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Validation of Australian atmospheric aerosols from reanalysis data and CMIP6 simulations

Atmospheric Research 264: 105856.

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How does air pollution affect urban settlement of the floating population in China? New evidence from a push-pull migration analysis

BMC Public Health, 21: 1696.

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Polarimetric calibration of the multi-angle imager for aerosols (MAIA)

Proceedings Volume 11858; Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XXV: 1185801.

Syed, A., J. Zhang, M. Moniruzzaman, I. Rousta, T. Omer, G. Ying, and H. Olafsson
Situation of Urban Mobility in Pakistan: Before, During, and after the COVID-19 Lockdown with Climatic Risk Perceptions

Atmosphere 12 (9): 1190.

Doeling, D. R., M. Sun and F. J. Wrenn
Optimized MODIS channel selection to improve the NASA CERES FluxByCloudTyp product fluxes

Proceedings Volume 11859, Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XXVI: 118590F.

Kang, Q., Z. Liu, Y. Yuan, X. Zheng, J Li, H. Wu, and W. Zhai
Uncertainty Analysis of Calibration Source with Adjustable Degree of Polarization in a Wide Dynamic Range

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 276: 107934.

Chen, X., J. Wang, X. Xu, M. Zhou, H. Zhang, L. C. Garcia, P. R. Colarco, S. J. Janz, J. Yorks, M. McGill, J. S. Reid, M. De Graaf, and S. Kondragunta
First retrieval of absorbing aerosol height over dark target using TROPOMI oxygen B band: Algorithm development and application for surface particulate matter estimates

Remote Sensing of Environment 265: 112674.

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