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Educational Items

This page and its subsidiary pages contain items of a general education nature that all have some relation to the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR), e.g. to the science being addressed by MISR, but they do not necessarily describe activities of the MISR mission, nor do they necessarily originate from MISR. We hope you will enjoy these items.

Outreach articles of general interest

Selected educational resources

Public Access to Earth and Space Imagery

  • Earth Observatory
    NASA's Earth Observatory features new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet.
  • Planetary Photojournal
    The Planetary Photojournal archives released Earth and Planetary images from NASA-JPL, including the higher resolution formats generally preferred for publication.
  • The Observatorium
    NASA's Observatorium is an archive of Earth and Space-related education resources.
  • Earth From Space
    A collection of selected astronaut-acquired imagery of Earth.
  • Welcome to the planets
    A collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.